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     To increase quality and production efficiency, IconPro offers software-based solutions for AI-based process monitoring and optimization, predictive maintenance,
as well as predictive and prescriptive quality.  Our objective is to transfer your production data into information – ready to use for optimizing your processes!  We tackle analysis of production and quality data, process capability determination, dynamization and minimization of maintenance intervals, AI-based image recognition and predictive quality analysis  We apply state-of-the-art programming tools, machine learning and data mining algorithms to customize solutions to your needs.  IconPro‘s customers benefit from automated data analysis and training in the field of data science at the same time.

  • Real-time determination and visualization of process and quality parameters

  • Automated correlation analysis of process and quality parameters

  • Prediction and optimization of future process and quality states

  • Control computers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) of production units

  • MES or PLC systems for production management or statistical process control

  • ERP databases for electronic resource planning, e.g. SAP or Oracle

AI-Based Process


Monitor process capabilities or processes using machine learning and process mining. Optimize productivity and quality through correlation analysis. 





Optimize the maintenance intervals of your measuring systems and machines to achieve minimum costs while maintaining process capability.

Automate your quality control processes through the use of machine learning and data mining in the evaluation of measurement data.


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