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           Today, in virtually every industry, the need to lower costs and the demand for higher quality products drives every company. As a result consistent business optimization measures are needed at all levels.  The key to creating greater quality and thus greater added value is through the use of a dynamic quality management system.  Quality management is still largely considered to be a testing procedure based on specific inspection operations and statistical process control measures. For the most part, these processes remain as “information islands” despite the fact they are linked to business success and bring added value.  The iqs Quality Center links the knowledge from the individual quality assurance modules into one central database, therefore building a control loop where feedback can be actively used.  The iqs Quality Center grows into an extensive and comprehensive business knowledge pool. The link up and depth of integration, consistent and simple handling, makes iqs QualityCenter one of the most innovative and forward

thinking CAQ-systems. Since the foundation in

1995, iqs has been consistently working on

software solutions for efficient quality

management system, constantly

seeking to extend and improve them.

Only thorough knowledge and the

correlation between cause and

effects can process reliability in the

workplace be achieved.

iqs CAQ Modules:

Requirements Management

Goods Received /Goods Dispatched Inspection


Initial Sample Inspection Report

Feasibility Study

Inspection Equipment Management


Complaints Management

Inspection Plan

Supplier Rating

Production Inspection/SPC

Audit Management

Quality Intelligence

Action Management

Tool Information System

Document Center

Skill Management

Partner Portal

iqs-CAQ Advantages

Perfect System Integration

Interfaces for all current systems such as PPS/ERP, BDE/MDE/MES, CAD, MS Office, Q-DAS. Electronic measuring equipment can be easily integrated. 

Central Data Management

iqs modules allow you to access the exact data pool. incorrect multiple entries are avoided and new information is available in real time.  

Process Orientation

All iqs modules support the requirements according to ISO 9001, DIN EN 9102, VDA, IATF 16949, AIGA, FDA and QDX.

Online Application​

Information has to be accessible anywhere and at any time. Appropriate online connections accelerate communication.  

High Transparency and Efficiency

You and your supplier work in the same central system with identical data and documents. Information and processing statuses are always visible, current and transparent.

Operative Alleviation

Automation and standardization of communication reduce operational work and effectively simplifies "day-to-day" business.  

Stable Supply Chains​

Communication between you and your supplier will be enormously accelerated and focused. This facilitates advance planning, which ensure that purchased parts are available.

Direct Communication​

Quality processes can be edited directly by your supplier via the internet. Therefore no additional software installation is required. 

Timely Information​

Tasks and appointments are clearly assigned and can be tracked centrally. Both partners can be directly queried in the portal and in real time. 

Central Data Flow​

Data is fed centrally to the portal and is pooled. Typical transmission errors due to media interruption are therefore a thing of the past.

Integrated Workflow​

Deadline reminder, credit control and resubmittal via email support your processes and enable high efficiency in production runs and document circulation.

Global Deployment​

The iqs CAQ system supports working across different time zones and can be easily internationalized due to multiple language capability. 

Active Drawing Integration​

Cross-module integration of 2D drawings, 3D models or OCR for scanned drawings. 

Individual Interface​

The integrated plug-in technology allows you to organize the user interface according to your needs.

Leading Control Loop Technology​

Continuously improve quality within your company by interlocking iqs modules according to the control loop principle. 

Consistent Error Prevention​

The automated information exchange of the modules reliably avoids future errors.   

Quality and Costs Under Control​

Secure your competitive advantages. Through systematic error prevention you can control quality and costs within your company.  

Transparent Processes​

Maintain a clear overview at all times. All processes, results and documentations become transparent with the iqs CAQ system. 


All CAQ solutions are installed for immediate operation, so you can work productively from day one. 


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